David and Nick, sitting in a tree…

Today we are not just announcing a new government and new ministers. We are announcing a new politics. A new politics where the national interest is more important than party interest. Where co-operation wins out over confrontation. Where compromise, give and take, reasonable, civilised, grown-up behaviour is not a sign of weakness but of strength.


So said David Cameron, the guy with the airbrushed face, as he and little-kid-looking Nick Clegg fell in love on the steps of 10 Downing Street.

Meanwhile, it looks like Gordon Brown was packing up pretty fast.

Here in America we get no compromise or give and take, but at least we give them a civilized two months to move out.

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2 Responses to David and Nick, sitting in a tree…

  1. Curtis says:

    What does that mean – “air-brushed face”? Is it possible that ALL photos are air brushed, or he just looks that way? Is it possible that compromise is in the air, like those pre-historic animals who learned to open nuts or seeds the same way on opposite sides of the planet at the same time but without ever having taught one another?

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