The Americanization of England

Why are the British turning out so much like us? It’s so disappointing. Their accents make everything they say sound so erudite; and, till this year, their election seasons were so civilized, not to mention short.

Now they have debates, and rude things captured on open mikes, and, as of today, a Parliament that may end up as hamstrung (what a terrible word that is, conjuring up visions of severed hamstrings or hanging pigs) as our Congress.

Some guy writing in the Guardian sees one benefit from this result – he thinks it caused Google to change its doodle from this:

to this:

He writes:

The search engine replaced its 10 Downing Street doodle this morning, when it became obvious that no-one had won a majority, with the balletic fantasy of dancers throwing some Google-ish swan shapes. They’re commemorating – of course – Tchaikovsky’s 170th birthday.

Even the Google doodles in Britain are American, or at least they change on American time.

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