Dropping in

I drop into a few people’s lives each morning.

There’s Tina, my artist friend who sees more than other people do; when I’m with her I realize I’ve had blinders on all this time. She lives up in the high desert now, but each day I can see what she sees.

Dropping into Terry’s life makes me feel like a selfish slacker, but also quite relieved that I don’t have to take kids to Target or pick up other kids at train stations or FedEx lost Kindles to strangers or make meals for my husband’s uncle or speak at conferences all over the place or chaperone a church youth group and, on top of all that, write a newspaper column every week.

It’s fun when friends write blogs, and if more of my friends did I’d be there each morning as well (Curtis hardly ever writes, but I drop in on him every so often). Just a few strangers make my list: Heather Armstrong, of course, who was lucky enough to get fired and then famous for writing about her boss on her blog, so famous that the blog now supports the family, and her husband quit his job to be her techno-geek. I won’t link to her because sometimes she gets over 2,000 comments and she couldn’t possibly have time to read any more.

But then there’s the evangelical Christian South African blogger I’ve never met who believes that God is going to cure her dog. By Tuesday.

Today I’m grateful for Tina’s perspective and my peaceful un-commented upon life, but I’m glad my dog’s not sick (though I’ll check back Tuesday just to be sure I don’t need to convert).

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