Long live Fox News

The only way I ever see Fox News is via Jon Stewart, so maybe I’m missing the fair and balanced part; but whenever I see or read their distortions, smears, and outright lies, I think about the people for whom this is their only source of news – like the two Republicans who work with my very progressive Democratic friend, whose only retort when presented with the facts is “Where did you read that? In the New York Times?” with the sarcastic emphasis the italics imply.

Or my former business partner, who scoffed at the idea that Bush should not act unilaterally in Iraq; who was convinced there were weapons of mass destruction there and that we could spread democracy in the Middle East; and who believed there was a liberal media War on Christmas.

But Ross Douthat, who’s a conservative himself but seems able to be quite reasonable, has a very interesting piece today. Before Fox News existed, he believes the conservatives got a lot done (you could argue with some of this, like was Reagan really responsible for the Berlin Wall coming down, and was starving the government a good thing in the long term); whereas now, when the lies they tell about Obama’s “socialism” make you want to strangle someone, we’ve gotten the economic stimulus plan, healthcare reform, and are poised (yes I believe it) on the brink of financial reform.

So what do you think? Are the people who love Fox News now actually people who can’t get things done?

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1 Response to Long live Fox News

  1. Poker Face says:

    Statistics show most people who watch Fox don’t watch any other news sources. Easy to see how they can be manipulated.

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