Happy Birthday, Hubble!

Even though I’m supposed to be celebrating time here, I’ve been trying to get away from writing about things that happened on particular dates because it was beginning to feel like a crutch, and because nobody but me really cared anyway, except maybe the people whose birthdays I remembered and the people whose birthdays I forgot (sorry Curtis!).

But the Google doodle today reminded me that it’s the twentieth birthday of one of my favorite things, the Hubble telescope. NASA released this picture today; it’s called Carina Nebula Star-forming Pillars and Herbig-Haro Objects with Jets; it’s 7,500 light years away; and that’s about all I can tell you about it except that it makes it absolutely clear to me that we don’t have the capacity to decide that there is, or is not, a God.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Hubble!

  1. Curtis says:

    The word “decide” has been stuck in my craw since Saturday. The best explanation I can muster is to ask, “do you think Einstein ‘decided’ that there is intelligence lying beneath it all?”

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