Reflections on George W. Bush, and some other hateful characters

When I was little one of my babysitters told me I shouldn’t use the word hate. “You don’t really hate that person,” she said.

This was pretty confusing, because although I was still trying to figure out what feelings were, it seemed to me that yes, I really did hate that person.

And they say you shouldn’t hate the person, just the actions of the person.

So I’ve been thinking lately about some people that I really do hate. I’ve never met them, of course, and if I did maybe I’d just hate their actions, not their persons, but tell me, babysitter: why shouldn’t I hate Karl Rove, or the Dick Cheney, or Sarah Palin, or George W. Bush?

The first two are very, very smart, and that’s a huge factor in the hate column. They are fully aware of how they manipulated, and continue to manipulate, all of us to serve their own power. If I met those two, I know for sure I’d hate them – inside and out.

Sarah Palin is clever, not smart. She’s clever enough to quit things while she’s still charming people and before she gets found out. She too manipulates people, but with her feminine wiles and folksy talk, not her intelligence. If I met her, she might charm me, but I’d be wary. She’s a mean girl, a bullying girl, but she might manage to suck me in. I hope I never meet her.

If you look at my little tag cloud over there on the right, you can see I’ve talked about George W. Bush a lot, nearly as often as Obama, which is kind of horrifying. He was my boogey man. I hated him fiercely when I started this blog, because we were still subjected to his incompetence.

But now I have a confession to make. If I met him, I feel quite sure I wouldn’t hate him. Yes, he left us with two wars and the biggest recession since the Depression and a screwed up financial system and unchecked global warming and Christian moles in most federal agencies (help, I’m talking myself back into hating him). But I believe he himself was manipulated, mostly by those two up there that I really hate. He’s a perfect example of the Peter Principle, but he’s not dumb, and I think he realizes this. Maybe this is why he’s been refreshingly quiet lately.

I hate his actions. If I met him, though, I’d have a beer with him.

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3 Responses to Reflections on George W. Bush, and some other hateful characters

  1. Curtis says:

    This is very Andy Rooney-ish in its tone and cadence. Do you listen to him on 60 Minutes?

    • celebratingtime says:

      He’s such an old guy! (sorry to be so prejudiced, but I have a hard time listening to old geezers working their way around their dentures) I think he’d scan better in print – but thank you, if indeed this was a compliment!

  2. indywriter18 says:

    Your blog was randomly linked to something I wrote on mine so I did a little surfing. Love what you had to say here and couldn’t agree more.

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