How to dry off after a shower

In response to popular demand (with credit to Cheaper by the Dozen, remembered, probably not totally accurately, decades later)

Take one

Start here:

(in case you’re wondering why you’ve never seen anyone who looks quite like this, she’s a “generic female face,” made from 64 real female faces)

Now this:

Now do the left arm (if you’re left-handed, maybe you do the right arm first, but I don’t think it matters):

(sorry about the armpit)

Now the other arm:


(He’s some guy, except for the slight problem of the attenuated left bicep and the quite problematic generic female face – oh, and the hair)

Back (here you have to sort of drape the towel over your shoulder, and reach around with the other hand, kind of like a therapy exercise for frozen shoulder, which will present a problem here if you have it):

Left leg (or the leg opposite to the leg you feel most comfortable balancing on):

(I know, this is becoming one weird-looking person, and wait till we get to the next, and last leg):

And now, thank god, you’re done. And maybe dry as well.

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