Daydreaming default mode

One of my favorite books growing up was Cheaper by the Dozen. The father, Frank Gilbreth, was an efficiency expert who applied his techniques to his twelve children, who probably needed it but hated it.

I loved that book. I still use his towel-drying-after-a-shower method, which may not be faster but at least you don’t forget what you’ve dried and what you haven’t.

I’m kind of obsessed with efficiency, to be honest, but it gets really boring sometimes. It’s hard for me to do just one thing, like go on one errand or go downstairs to get just one thing. I have to think of other errands I need to do at that same store or in that same neighborhood, or other things I need downstairs.

The problem, especially with the going downstairs thing, is that by the time I get downstairs I’ve forgotten one, or sometimes all, of the things I lined up in my head to get; and so I have to go back upstairs and put myself back in the place where I thought of all these things (because my memory attaches to places, for some reason) – which, as I guess you’ve figured out by now, is tremendously inefficient.

They call these little brain freezes “senior moments,” a phrase I hate because it makes me feel a lot older than I really feel inside. But now, thanks to Barbara Strauch and her new book The Secret Life of the Grown Up Brain, I can be proud of these moments. They’re called “daydreaming default mode,” a lovely little phrase.

I think I’ve been in daydreaming default mode my whole life (except after a shower).

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4 Responses to Daydreaming default mode

  1. Curtis says:

    Well for heaven’s (sincere apologies)sake – WHAT IS THE DRYING METHOD? Blogging is journalism. We must know the what, when and how! “Why?” is too much to insist on.

    • celebratingtime says:

      Oh that’s so funny. My friend Beth asked me the same thing!
      I’ll try to diagram it (and then figure out how to post it!)

  2. terrymarotta says:

    i want to know too!

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