Intrade, Nostradamus, and Irish superstition

My mother had this dark Irish superstition that you shouldn’t really count on something, like winning a prize at the Halloween parade, because you’d be disappointed if you lost. She also always had something to worry about, which is maybe the opposite – if you worry about it enough, you can keep it from happening.

Since today is the day Lincoln was shot and the Titanic sank, I thought I’d ward off some worries myself and check on Intrade. It’s always good to worry about things that are totally beyond your control – keeps you on your toes.

Immigration reform: probably won’t happen (but if you think it will, you can get it cheap). Elena Kagan sworn in as a Supreme: a better chance, but not great. The Dow will go up, the Conservatives will win in England, but Harry Reid’s going to lose (though here’s a nice ray of hope – his chances are better than Sarah Palin’s in 2012).

And I really do have to find out who Chrystal Bowersox is, because her chances of winning American Idol are now up to about 50/50.

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3 Responses to Intrade, Nostradamus, and Irish superstition

  1. Don says:

    Until I read your bit about the Halloween Parade, I had completely forgotten that I won a silver dollar for marching in some costume or other. I also remember the “Blind Venetian” costume that Dad concocted.

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