Blog bullies

Sometimes I think it would be fun to have a big deal blog like Heather Armstrong’s, where she can put out a question and get over 500 answers; but then I remember what tends to happen on well-read blogs: first they get a bunch of good, helpful comments; then someone who hates the blogger (why do they keep reading, I always wonder) attacks her; then someone attacks that person; and by the end you just have a bunch of mean-spirited bullies attacking everyone they can think of.

Somewhat like tea-partiers.

Heather got invited to the White House (or so she says; it looks to me like she got invited to a meeting in the Old Executive Office Building, not really in the White House); she seems to think she’s going to meet Obama, so she wore purple tights and jittery heels; and apparently all of this was too much for her audience, and they attacked her.

And she got pretty defensive.

So I would like to get invited to a meeting in Washington, even if it’s not in the White House; but I’m glad I don’t have to put up with 500 people yelling at me. Plus, I don’t have any purple tights or jittery heels or, really, any questions I’d like 500 answers to.

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2 Responses to Blog bullies

  1. Curtis says:

    I suggest you start working your Wellesley network if you want the WH invitation.

  2. terrymarotta says:

    i was just talking to my husband about poor Heather: when she got invited to talk on Kathie Lee’s morning show she made all these silly jokes ahead of time about how she was going to tweak Al Roker’s nipples and showed pictures of what she was going to wear and when she got in front of Kathie Lee the woman was loaded for BEAR and humiliated her and said basically What kind of mother puts PICTURES of her CHILDREN on the Internet.

    Heather was crushed. I wrote a condolence note and sent a copy of my first book that proves I’ve been making fun of my own offspring for DECADES and she wrote me a nice note back.

    Sometimes she puts Closed For Comments at the end of a post. I’ve never had to do that but I do get very mean letters to the editor about my column sometimes…

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