Spoon-bending and proton collisions

My true-atheist friend and loyal reader asked me whether I’m still entertaining the idea that there’s an omniscient being out there. In the traditional sense of an omniscient being, like an anthropomorphic god, my answer is (and I say this quite regretfully, because it would solve so many problems, like why we are here and what happens when we die and don’t we get to see the people we love ever again etc. etc.): NO.

But here’s what I don’t rule out: that maybe, in a big machine in a mountainous town long long ago some sort of beings got together and collided some protons, and we, millennia later, are the result.

And now those omniscient beings over there in Switzerland are doing the same thing all over again.

There are all those folded-up strings that we are unable to comprehend, is what I really believe. It’s better than nihilism, but it’s rather cold comfort.

But I do have to admit I’m still trying to bend that spoon.

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2 Responses to Spoon-bending and proton collisions

  1. Curtis says:

    But…those beings…where did they come from? And most important of all, just how DOES something emerge from nothing? I mean no-thing?

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