Addicted to Body Pump

Okay, you have to take out a few elements here to see why I’m addicted to Body Pump, like the way-too-motivated, too-loud-yelling instructor; and her toned legs and short shorts; and whatever platform she’s standing on in front of some car repair shop; and while you’re at it take out the pine trees and the whole outdoor scene. And no one in my class yells like someone at a tea party.

But this is my favorite track, as they call it (there are back and chest and shoulder and lunge and bicep and tricep and abs tracks, all set to very loud cool music). The clean and press shown here is my favorite move, and for some reason I could listen to this particular music track all day.

It’s difficult to let a day go by without talking about healthcare reform, but never fear: there’s a woman in my class who is such a fanatic about health care she makes Howard Hughes look germy. There’s a little dispenser on the wall of the gym filled with those supposedly anti-bacterial wipes, and before class starts, and even after class starts because it takes her so long, she proceeds to wipe down every single piece of her equipment: the bar, each of the six round weights, her dumbbells and body bar, her mat, and her entire step.

May she and the bottoms of her shoes be forever protected.

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