This is what change looks like

Senior policy advisers I spoke with for my book told me how Obama would come into meetings and tell them that instead of thinking about tomorrow’s poll numbers or headlines, they should think about what sort of a country they wanted to live in twenty years down the road, then think about what institutions and policies had to exist ten years from now to put America on the road to that sort of change; then think about what it would have to look like five years, and finally one year from now to get there.

After I read this today I ordered the book: Inside Obama’s Brain, by Sasha Abramsky.

He thinks differently from you and me, not to mention most Washington politicians.

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2 Responses to This is what change looks like

  1. Curtis says:

    Thank God for change, no matter how agonizing!

  2. Don says:

    We have a lot to celebrate today and Rush should be on his way to Costa Rica!

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