This is it

First things first: If Nancy Pelosi read my blog, she would have known that Friday was plain old St. Joseph’s Day, not St. Joseph the Worker’s Day, and she wouldn’t have given some opinion writer on Catholic Online the chance to slander her by writing “She is not being a faithful Catholic; she is being a deceitful dissident.” (And I’m not going to link to this, because the writer herself is being a deceitful dissident repeating the lies about the healthcare reform plan and abortion. But I will link to Maureen Dowd’s column today, where she explains why, if you’re Catholic, you should listen to the nuns, not the bishops.)

But maybe Nancy Pelosi will try again, since today is an even more auspicious day for healthcare reform: it’s Human Rights Day in South Africa, Harmony Day in Australia, and World Down Syndrome Day (or should we call it Sarah Palin Day?).

Or, if she felt she had to go Catholic, she could invoke the blessing of quirky Nicholas of Flüe, who had a vision of a horse eating a lily, which, as visions go, is pretty pedestrian, but Nicholas was immediately left his wife and ten children to become a hermit, subsisting for nineteen years eating only Eucharists (because lilies are poisonous?).

But all of this is diversion, as I can barely stand to find out what’s happening today. I’m taking refuge in numbers again (Intrade’s at 84 this morning), and maybe I’ll just calm myself with Bach, in honor of his 325th birthday.

Why is healthcare reform so important to me? Because I believe Obama is one of the few people capable of dealing with the multiple morasses Bush left him; because I believe this is pivotal for and will revitalize his presidency; because I believe he can both leverage this and deflate the inevitable backlash by attacking financial reform, and, in the process, show the country where Republicans’ true interests are.

Most of all, this is so important to me because I am and have always been a Democrat. And, as Obama said yesterday in his address to the Democratic Congressional Caucus, “I believe in an America where we just don’t look out for ourselves.”

And here is the Obama I voted for:

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2 Responses to This is it

  1. patricia says:

    Hey, I am glad that I subscribed to your blog… the differences between you and me… you have a great sense of humour and quite a writing style… I still sound too much like a school marm on my blog. Being a Canadian I have been watching what is going on in the USA and hope for the best for you and yours. Mostly I have been hearing what lazy bum weak knee-ed socialists we are up here. Your blog sort of evens it out, so thanks.

    • celebratingtime says:

      hey thanks Patricia! We rational people here in the US are quite envious of you sensible socialist Canadians with your health care system!

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