This, oddly, is one of my favorite memories: we’re in her tiny room, doing geometry homework. She’s at her pull-down desk, and I’m on one of the hard built-in beds. We do the proofs separately, and then compare. Usually we’ve both gotten it.

It was so immensely satisfying, working out those proofs. You began at a given point, remembered the theorems, and slowly, carefully, logically, figured it out.

And the best part was, because you used a compass, my drawings looked nearly as good as hers.

Happy birthday, to my friend of the longest years (circumlocution required, as she’s not my friend of the oldest years!).

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One Response to Tina

  1. Tina says:

    Sweet. Thank you!
    I don’t specifically remember doing geometry together. I do remember how I loved having you in that little room, especially when we would laugh and laugh, out of control…just the sheer joy of it…thank you, longest friend!

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