Computer virus!

Just a peaceful morning reading a few blogs, when all of a sudden these evil-looking shields start popping up telling me my computer’s at risk; it can’t open files I didn’t even tell it to open; do I want to protect my computer now from this trojan thing or leave it unprotected… Nothing will open, more sinister messages keep popping up; suddenly the internet opens with music and an ad for Viagra…

Scary stuff. So it went to the hospital. What’s funny is that it feels like a real virus – I’m afraid to bring this laptop too close to the dusty place under my desk where the infected tower sat; I’m trying not to breathe in any germs.

I feel as though I’ve let my poor sick computer down. How do these viruses get in, if all I look at is political and weather blogs? I’ve never even looked at pornography, much less downloaded it. I’m a good computer person, really!

Is Mercury in retrograde?

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