The New Yorker cartoon contest

For these cartoons you always have to figure out who’s talking, and here it looks like it’s the guy who looks either like Roberts or Alito, although it must be Alito because the guy on the end is holding the gavel (but why is he smoking? and does Roberts wear glasses?).

It’s very funny that Alito, if it is Alito, and Ginsburg are having a tug of war over Kennedy, and that Roberts and Alito are holding hands. Poor Stevens and Sotomayor are marginalized, down there at the end, but what’s Scalia doing down there? And where’s Thomas?

It takes a type of thinking I can’t even conceptualize to come up with cartoon captions: it’s clearly not auditory, and it’s not purely visual; it’s inductive and deductive at the same time.

They have special brains, those people who can do it. And for this cartoon: extra-special brains.

Stay tuned.

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One Response to The New Yorker cartoon contest

  1. terrymarotta says:

    I am confounded by the art! I look at those captionless New Yorker cartoons on the back page and my mind is utterly utterly blank.

    You sound like an art historian trying to figure out a newly discovered Last Supper (and where IS Old Judas by the way?)

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