Keith’s puppet

Craig Crawford is apparently leaving MSNBC because he’s tired of being “a cartoon player for lefty games,” whatever that means. Whatever it means, it’s given the right-wing hot-air blogs a lot of ammunition.

Now, just in case you were worrying about my prosopagnosia, I know this isn’t Craig Crawford. But the cartoon character reference brought David Shuster to mind, so I put him here. Look at his square mouth. I can barely stand to watch him, especially when he’s subbing for Keith Olbermann. When he reads Olbermann’s script he looks, and sounds, just like a ventriloquist’s puppet (or, more correctly with apologies, dummie).

I hardly ever watch cable news anymore, and until March 18, or Easter, or whenever they finally figure out if we’re going to have a healthcare system that works, I don’t intend to watch it at all. I’m going to hole up here and keep trying to find God in the Large Hadron Collider.

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