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Send me your tired, your poor…

For some reason, my hospice patients don’t seem to die. More often than not, the patient dies before the hospice volunteer even gets there for the first time. Families tend to wait till the last minute to believe there’s no … Continue reading

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Spoon-bending and proton collisions

My true-atheist friend and loyal reader asked me whether I’m still entertaining the idea that there’s an omniscient being out there. In the traditional sense of an omniscient being, like an anthropomorphic god, my answer is (and I say this … Continue reading

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Remembering Africa

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♥ New York

I’ve always hated the “Dear Diary” section in the Times – it’s filled with cutesy little stories about quirky endearing things that happen only in New York only to real New Yorkers that only real New Yorkers can appreciate; stories … Continue reading

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News of the week in review

Obama got healthcare reform and a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty agreement with Russia, both in the same week. That, in my opinion, is a really really big F$!#&*@!!!g Deal. And meanwhile Sarah Palin and John McCain are best friends … Continue reading

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God’s problem

My uncle saw a ghost once. He was doing construction on his house on Cape Cod, and a very angry guy appeared at the top of the new stairs. My uncle described this guy to the neighbors; it turned out … Continue reading

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W. is just like the germophobe at my gym

This is hilarious. You might think you can’t stand to see another second of him, but you just have to put up with his smirk for a second, and then you get to see him actually wipe his hand off … Continue reading

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