Obama’s anger management class

I hardly ever feel angry, and mostly I think this is a good thing, even though a woman I once worked with told me it was a bad thing. She was a former psychotherapist, which indicates maybe she was right; except that she became a market researcher because she couldn’t make enough money being a psychotherapist, so maybe I shouldn’t still be mulling over her comment all these decades later.

And I wonder what they do in those anger management classes, besides getting people to hit their pillows. If Amy Bishop had ended up following the judge’s prescription after her IHOP incident, would her anger have been managed? I doubt it.

I’ve always felt that anger is a primitive emotion – it’s like the first thing that comes out, before you’ve had a chance to think about the other side. It’s like George W., not doing nuance.

Lack of emotional nuance is a good way to describe what conservative Republicans have been doing lately. Tim Pawlenty, telling people they need to smash up a few windows with golf clubs to get Washington’s attention; Scott Brown comparing his election to the angry suicidal pilot in Austin; even Romney, getting in the face of the rapper who wouldn’t adjust his airplane seat (I guess he did it because someone told him conservatives don’t like rappers, since Romney only pretends to be a conservative).

Not to mention Sarah Palin, who always finds a lot to get faux-angry about. That’s just retarded.

They say unexpressed anger turns into depression, which is probably a good characterization of Democrats these days, especially when they see all those angry Republicans unable to see, much less appreciate, Obama’s nuanced governing style.

Anger can be blinding; depression can be paralyzing. But I have a feeling no-drama Obama may have outfoxed them all, weaving his way past blind Republicans and paralyzed Democrats through the emotional thicket of healthcare reform. Stay tuned for his anger management class on Thursday.

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