Celebrating with Tiger

It’s been a complicated three or actually four-day weekend for someone interested in celebrating time, what with Lincoln and Darwin both being 201 and our two cats being 6 – or is it 7? – and then Valentine’s Day combined with the Lunar New Year. The trouble with the Chinese New Year is that it’s the Year of the Tiger, the Year of the Metal Tiger to be exact, but when you try to find out about it you find out instead that Tiger Woods – whose father nicknamed him Tiger after Nguyen Phong, a South Vietnamese Army officer he met while serving in Vietnam: apparently Tiger’s father also called this guy Tiger for some unknown reason, and hoped that when Tiger, his son, became famous, the other South Vietnamese Tiger would get in touch with him – but anyway, you find out instead that Tiger Woods, all grown up now, got some porn star pregnant twice. Now I’m not even sure if this porn star is one of the dozen or so women Tiger Woods had affairs with, but as you can see I now know much more about Tiger Woods than I ever wanted to, and absolutely nothing about the Year of the Metal Tiger, and now today is President’s Day, but I’m too worn out with Tiger Woods’ affairs to even consider that.

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