Now all we need is a net

And now we know this not only applies to Xerxes’ horses, the Pony Express, and the Post Office, but also to surgeons, who just keep cutting despite sleet and snow and trees falling down and roads closing; but at least Chip’s hernia now has a patch that, we’re all glad to know, looks like a badminton shuttlecock.

And we’re also glad to know he didn’t leave his body to report on Sam Parnia’s pictures.

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3 Responses to Now all we need is a net

  1. M. Kenny says:

    Lucy and M wish Chip a problem free recovery. Enjoy some down time and take it easy for a while. Take care.

  2. Curtis says:

    They did the surgery in your kitchen? If no, how’d you get to the hospital?

    • celebratingtime says:

      He drove. Just rain/sleet at that point. I drove back: 76 closed, except for the portion we were on; 95 open. Not too bad.

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