Mark Knoller is now OFF

So my AT&T bill made it through our snowstorm to tell me that I’ve used 770 messages, but my plan only allows me 200.

Mind you, I’d probably only sent 5 text messages in my life, all most likely consisting of “okay,”when I signed up for my iPhone. So if I got up to 200, I figured, I’d be in the with-it crowd big time.

But who knew? My good friend Mark Knoller, the CBS White House correspondent who’s been sending me 30 – 40 tweets a day, has cost me $57! A while ago, on January 7 to be exact, I resolved to get rid of him; but instead I just turned off the annoying little beep that came with his messages all those times a day. And sometimes he was so interesting, sending pictures of the dead White House rose garden and telling us when Obama’s helicopter had taken off. Or, as I learned this morning before I opened the bill, as Obama left the White House (to speak to the DNC, where he congratulated them on making it through the “snow-magedden”) one of the vehicles in his motorcade slid into one of the press vans, and a tree branch fell on another press van. How can I resist that?

But now my with-it son says (in an email, not a text): “why are you getting twitter messages as texts?  you should get an application like tweetie for twitter.”

Done. And also the very helpful AT&T guy in India has taken all the charges for Mark off my bill.

It’s quite complicated, being au courant.

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