Better optics than Avatar

Here I thought I was so au courant, getting an iPhone and going to Avatar and making word clouds. And now I find out that while I’m so proud of my new texting capability, my son can send a 300 word text message with his arms wrapped around a subway pole. And of course I hated Avatar.

But the worst thing is that I read somewhere (maybe being au courant and memory are related, because I have no idea where) that word clouds are so 2007. What to do?

One day (after Brown vs. Coakley upended our world) I was trying to figure out a way to visualize what I was going to write about if I had to eschew politics, saints, Catholic feast days, celebrations, God, time, calendars, and life’s purpose. I came up with a sad little pie chart, which is not only so 1907, but one of my most loyal readers told me she had no idea what I was talking about.

Well, this friend may be glad to know I’ve found a really cool (and au courant) site called Many Eyes, which produces pictures that are a lot better than either word clouds or pies. I’ve used it first to visualize the categories I’ve written about:

No one really cares about this but me, but now that I’ve tested the site out, I think I’m going to see whether those tea-bagging ladies in the supermarket were right about the State of the Union. Stay tuned.

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