Narcissistic self-involvement

It’s beginning to feel like Lent here in my little blog world, now that I can’t write about politics – like how, since President Brown already has healthcare the rest of us don’t need it; or about how big corporations are now in charge of politician’s marketing campaigns, not to mention their votes; or about those windmills that look like banks to Obama; or about how the chairman of the Democratic party in my state wants the congressman who’s challenging the senator in the primary to withdraw, which would mean that the state congressman I’m working for would have to withdraw, which would mean the guy who’s running for the state congress would have to withdraw; or about how the Democrats in Washington are also like dominoes falling.

And if I can’t write about politics, 23% of what I’ve written about in my little blog world goes away. And I’ve already said I’m not going to write about saints or Catholic feast days or celebrations anymore, and there probably won’t be too much about God, time, calendars, or life’s purpose. So we’re left with the little red chunk there:

which is probably going to be a lot of what I’ve called “my so-called-life,” but which another blogger I read calls “narcissistic self-involvement.”

We’ll just blame it all on Martha Coakley.

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3 Responses to Narcissistic self-involvement

  1. Tina says:

    You can write about me if you want.

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