Sarah Palin ♥ Massachusetts

Here I was, only last Sunday, worrying about why Ted Kennedy seemed so restless in his grave, not realizing his problem wasn’t with those three hacks above him on the best seller list but with some guy named Brown I’d never heard of.

Nate Silver, where are you? I need your soothing statistical reassurance! When I go to your site all I see is a bewildering piece by Andrew Gelman called “Scott Brown is a liberal Republican,” which doesn’t make much sense when you read about Brown’s positions on abortion, or global warming, or healthcare reform, or evolution; and then when you go to the source of this conclusion you find that someone named Boris Schor, PhD., actually did the analysis, but his title is “Scott Brown is a more liberal Republican than Dede Scozzafava,” which isn’t exactly reassuring.

Nate left us on Friday after telling us not to worry about the Pajamas Media poll (who would ever worry about a poll somebody did in their pajamas anyway?), but to pay attention to three polls over the weekend: Suffolk, Public Policy Polling, and Rasmussen. Well, Nate, the results are out: Brown up by 4, up by 1, and down by 2, respectively; but where are you? I want you to tell us about how that’s a good thing, because as you told us once before, Rasmussen tends to be Republican-biased, for various arcane statistical reasons, and so that poll seems like a good thing, right Nate? Where are you?

And could it really be, that if Scott Brown beats Martha Coakley, healthcare is doomed, both houses of Congress will fall, we’ll be buried under tea bags, and Sarah Palin will be our next president?


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