The roadrunner

My grandparents had these little books where you flipped the pages and it looked like the characters were running, or being chased, or falling off cliffs like the roadrunner. My son just told me about a guy who creates these books now from video, but it’s the same idea – you flip the pages really fast and you have a little book video.

It’s unclear to me why you’d need such a thing, when you already have portable smart phones with video right there, but maybe these difficult times make people want to regress to the “good old days,” when all we had to worry about was crouching next to our lockers waiting for Russia to blow us up.

Which brings me to what a little page-flipping book would look like for the beginning of this brand new decade. First page: there’s the Senate, finally passing the healthcare reform bill, even though a lot of the reform part fizzled out; and there’s Obama happily at the microphone, and then he’s running to his plane, and then he’s playing golf in Hawaii, but then there’s some guy naked from the waist down at the front of a different plane and first Obama’s not at any microphone and then he’s at one microphone after another, talking about the underpants bomber and Yemen, a place everyone forgot about until now; and somewhere along in there he makes it back from Hawaii but then this titillating book comes along quoting Harry Reid saying something everybody knows is true but everybody also knows he has to apologize for, and Obama has to take one of these busy little pages to accept the apology; but that page flips by pretty fast and Haiti takes up a whole lot of pages we can hardly bear to look at; and in the midst of all that there are still all these people without jobs and getting our crazy system of government together on healthcare reform starts looking pretty dicey, so there’s Obama staying up till 1 am one night (but at least there’s a sweet little page of him at Malia’s band concert). The page hasn’t even come yet about some guy named Brown who, even though we’ve never heard of him, can maybe single-handedly deep six the whole healthcare thing; but tomorrow we’ll see Obama, on his plane again, going off to Massachusetts to try to save the day.

I guess you need the video to handle all of this in a little page-flipping book. I just hope our roadrunner president can avoid the cliffs, and that he gets to go to more concerts.

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One Response to The roadrunner

  1. M. Kenny says:

    The “return” of the flipbook started in 2005 when the flipbook printer became available. It allows you to print your own flipbook from a video clip using business-card paper.

    In 2008 a few photographers & illustrators I worked with would create personalized flipbooks as promotional pieces, for ad agencies and trade shows. Some of the illustration flipbooks were amazing, very creative!

    Holding a tangible item, the touch of paper, adds a feeling that isn’t available on a computer screen or smart phone. These flipbooks, one of the earliest forms of interactive media (1882)can be a creative gift, promotional tool, or a fun project; whatever I’m glad to see them back.

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