Bank fraud!

In our little town of just over 6,000 people, there are only two banks. The big corporate one, which for some reason is my bank, has a sign on the door that says you have to take off hats, hoods, and sunglasses before you go in there. In the friendly one, which people call the round bank because it’s in a round building all by itself, the tellers knew everybody and everybody knew them.

Yesterday three of those tellers everybody knew were arrested and charged with 12 felony counts. The head teller had figured out a way to be the only person who counted and accounted for the ATM money. She stole over $126,000 that way.

The police department is right across the street from the bank, so the police chief didn’t have to walk far when he took the parking meter change, in sealed plastic bags, over to be deposited. The problem was that all those coins were wet, so they had to dry for a few days in a back room. The head teller figured out she could get in early, run the money through the coin counting machine, and give the police false receipts. She stole over $20,000 that way.

I covered yesterday’s press conference, held by the District Attorney at the county courthouse, for our little local paper. It was intimidating, sitting there with my little Canon camera behind the big network cameras on tripods, recording with my iPhone (have I told you how much I love my iPhone?), behind the still-big-deal reporters from the city and county papers, who cozied right up there at the camera table and asked all the questions.

But I got great pictures of the tellers, who looked like zombies with their hoods pulled up over their heads, and I just wrote 1300 words to go along, and all of this is why I’m posting this at 8 pm this night.

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