A scientific analysis of the New York Times Best Seller List

Six weeks and counting, at the top of the best seller list. She must be really glad she decided to switch careers, especially since this one, when you have a ghost writer, is so much easier than figuring out how to destroy Alaska.

Plus, she’s in such good company, with people who write as badly as she does: Mitch Albom, who is still milking the platitudes of his dying teacher, and Glenn Beck (well, I have to confess I’ve not read Glenn Beck, or even watched him cry on TV, so I’m just being a knee-jerk liberal here), who at least gets the little dagger (†). (I guess “dagger” is the technically correct word, since that’s what the Times calls it, but I would have called it a cross, which is maybe less evocative but more symbolically correct, since it’s nearly always right-wing Christian-type books that benefit from the bulk sales it represents.)

Poor Ted Kennedy must be finding it hard to get some air, squeezed in fourth place under those three.

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