The blame game

It’s pretty amazing that Rudy Giuliani, of all people, forgot about September 11. “We had no domestic attacks under Bush,” he said on Good Morning America. It’s horrifying that George Stephanopoulos, of all people, didn’t call him on it. He sets us straight in his blog, but why not during the interview, on camera, instead of going on to joke, in a chummy, good-old-boy way, about the snow in New York City?

We’ve been brainwashed. What about 9/11? Well, that was Clinton’s fault. What about the anthrax attacks? Some crazy scientist (even though they got the wrong scientist, it was still a scientist, not a terrorist). What about the shoe bomber? (If only we didn’t have to walk through airports in our socks, we might have forgotten about him too.) And why isn’t that situation exactly like the underpants bomber, except that Bush had seven years after the shoe bomber to protect us from underpants bombers?

I actually don’t think Stephanopoulos was brainwashed. After all, his blog was written barely two hours after the interview. I think he was covering himself, because, on camera, he chose the chummy, good-old-boy way.

But let’s think about what I myself am doing here. It’s what lies at the heart of our dysfunctional government: the blame game. Who did what, who is to blame for what: it’s our political discourse now, both on the right and on the left. It distracts us; it keeps us from having to do the hard stuff; it keeps us from even finding out what the hard stuff is.

The only ray of hope is that I think Obama knows this, and is trying very hard not to play.

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