Marriage is sacred, except for Karl Rove’s

New Year’s resolutions, four days late, but better than never:

I will continue to write this blog every day; at least I’ll try very hard to write every day. It feels good once it’s done, like banging your head against a wall, and sometimes it’s even fun during the writing part.

I won’t write anymore about saints. For one thing, my true-atheist friend, who’s one of my most loyal readers and so I really do have to take her wishes into account, has a hard time with all those dead people she’s never heard of; and for another thing, one of my oldest friends, another loyal reader, who struggled with the Catholic religions along with me and therefore has heard of all those dead people, tells me she skips all the saint entries. And, likewise, no more Catholic feast days, or even Eastern Orthodox feast days, even though they’re a lot more interesting.

I will write more about interesting people’s birthdays because, after all, most people do celebrate the time of their birthday, whereas all the saints’ days celebrate the dates they were (mostly) gruesomely murdered, and so unless they’re up there watching, they themselves certainly never celebrated their saint’s day.

I’ll probably write about holidays here and there. But maybe not.

For my Sam Parnia buffs: yes, I’ll continue to write about him, and spooky stuff about death and dying, and weird scientific experiments.

I will continue my fair and balanced political observations, beginning today with the news that seems to have been conveniently buried under the holidays, not to mention the Christmas bomber: Karl Rove is getting divorced! For the second time!

And if you can’t figure out who that charming guy is up in the left hand corner, you, unlike him, haven’t been following Karl Rove closely enough.

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