The End of the Worst Decade, but now what?

This is it. I am declaring the end of The Worst Decade series, because not too much seems to have happened in 2007 except for the “surge” in Iraq that I didn’t want to believe was the right decision but it seems like maybe it was; and because we all know what happened in that nail-biting year 2008 when finally reason and intelligence won out over ideology and manipulation; and 2009 is over already, and while the snarky Bush critiques roll right off my fingers, writing about Obama takes a lot more thought, unless you’re someone holding up my un-nuanced position on the other side.

Instead, I need I try to figure out how to shape Celebrating Time for the coming year. It was supposed to be, literally, one year of celebrating time, a day at a time. So there are all the holidays, and the saints’ days, and some quirky little days, but there really aren’t 365 celebrations worth writing about; so I found myself instead moving into politics and history, and some weird stuff like Sam Parnia, who still accounts for the most Google searches that lead people to my blog (just thought I’d get him in here again to boost readership).

I was actually going to end it one year later, which would be January 5. But several very nice people have told me they really like reading it, and please don’t stop!

I envy those blogs where the author puts out a question and thousands of people reply (well, that would be a little overwhelming; you’d have to read all those suggestions, and they’d contradict each other, and then people would start fighting among themselves in your very own comments section, and trolls would appear, and you’d have to moderate, and…). Okay, well maybe a blog where ten like-minded people would reply. I do have readers I know nothing about, which I know from this cool chart (those 24% from “unknown” are the most intriguing!):

So, okay, I’m not going to stop. I’ll try something new, and in two days, maybe I’ll even know what it is.

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