The Worst Decade, Part 1: The Year 2000

I started this blog on January 6 of this waning year, a good day to begin if you’ve just had an epiphany about starting a blog. In ten days we’ll be back around there again, and I can write something about The Myth of the Eternal Return, a book that fascinates me even though I can’t really claim to understand it.

Or maybe not. I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do, if anything, the second time around.

But in the meantime (in this mean time when the holidays aren’t quite over and it’s unclear what we’re supposed to be doing with ourselves), since journalism at this time of year is consumed with retrospectives, especially of this as-yet-unnamed decade that was so catastrophic, and since there are ten days, just enough for a decade review, that’s what I’ll do. A personal review of the Worst Decade.

When I was little I used to calculate how old I’d be in the Year 2000. I’d ask my mother how old she’d be, and she’d always say she wasn’t sure she’d live that long. She didn’t which, as I’ve written before, is probably for the best. For one thing, I’d no longer be able to tell her there was nothing to worry about.

It felt like such a special year, till they starting scaring us with the Y2K thing, which was one of the only scary things of this decade that turned out to be a big bust. Well, that and the Christmas eclipse, which we watched from our porch with cool little cardboard glasses that said 2000 in great big numbers (found, I was proud to say, on the internet), but the tiny black bite out of the sun was pretty underwhelming.

In between those two letdowns, though, we had the non-election that ended up changing our history. I was standing on the snowy porch of a mansion called Claymont in West Virginia, for reasons that are too complicated to mention, when Chip gave me the news: the Supreme Court had made George W. Bush president.

And with that, it all began.

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One Response to The Worst Decade, Part 1: The Year 2000

  1. Don says:

    Your blog’s cycling to “the second time around” brings back thoughts of the “Strange Loop” of Douglas Hofstadter whom you have written about (“blogged about?”) here. He writes:
    “My belief is that the explanation of emergent phenomena in our brains…for instance ideas, hopes, images, analogies, and finally consciousness and free will…are based on a kind of Strange Loop, an interaction between levels in which the top level reaches back towards the bottom level and influences it, while at the same time being itself determined by the bottom level.”

    I wonder what Dad would think of all this.

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