Shut up, Jane

A long time ago there was a sweet little blog called firedoglake. Jane Hamsher started it; I think she called it that to conjure up the things that comfort her.

Every day she’d have a picture, and go on to excoriate then-President Bush. It made my heart sing.

Then she started adding contributors. That was fine, for the most part. Marcy Wheeler, who now has her own blog (, is very smart, very analytical, and very patient. She can take pages of detail (like all the various torture documents begrudgingly released by the Bushies) and synthesize the crimes therein. A few others, like someone who calls himself bmaz, were a little too extreme and scatological to be persuasive.

Then Hamsher added advertising, and all the graphic appeal of the site was gone. I wrote to her, saying I just couldn’t read it anymore. This was my mistake. She never wrote back, of course, but put my email address on her list – so now I have to read her appeals to “Kill the Senate bill.” (Just for contrast, read Marcy Wheeler’s analysis. Key sentence:)

“I’m sympathetic to the idea that we should pass this if only to get 30 million people health insurance (but not, necessarily, health care). I think those pitching the Senate bill are doing so in a good faith belief that the good outweighs the bad in it.”

To Jane, and to all the other crazies who call themselves Progressives: go away. Get lost. You’re playing into the hands of the Republicans, who will do anything to defeat Obama. And I know you know that; I know you know if we don’t get health care reform now (with this admittedly flawed bill), we never will, and Obama’s presidency will be judged a failure.

Jane, just go back to your fire and your dog and your lake. Please.

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