Solstice clerestory

My ideal house would overlook the ocean, with the sound of crashing waves in every room. On the very top, where they used to put those widow’s walks (and now, at the shore, they have hot tubs), I’d have a room with four clerestory windows (technically, I guess, I couldn’t call them clerestory, because they wouldn’t be above eye level, but I love the word so I’d call them that anyway) and two picture windows.

I guess I’d need to find some sort of astronomical architect, because it would be a very oddly shaped room. It would face directly east and west, so that at the equinoxes the sun would rise and set exactly in the middle of the picture windows. But, and this is the hard part, the room would have to jut out, or be shaped like a hexagon, so that the clerestory windows would catch the rising and setting sun directly only at the solstices.

And now I see that the Anastasi already designed my room, centuries ago.

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