It’s raining on my Gmail!

It’s a little weird to find a search engine patronizing, but that’s how I’m beginning to feel about Bing. Today, for example, one of the little boxes that appear when you scroll your cursor around (that I used to find so appealing) says to me: “Residents of the hottest place of earth are notoriously combative. Who are they?” What am I, in third grade?

Meanwhile Google has become quite restrained in its Doodles, although the Sesame Street birthday series was a bit much. And they seem to have stopped telling us how many people had searched for the same thing, which was quite cool if you were famous and Googling yourself. I’ve tried Google Trends, but it’s mostly depressing – lots of Tiger Woods these days, for example.

But one of my favorite things about Google’s offerings is the Gmail backgrounds. Mine is called “Tree,” and as far as I can tell it’s the only one that tells you what your very own weather is! If it’s snowing (which I’ve only seen once or twice since the globe is quite warm around here), little snowflakes accumulate on the window. Today, with the monster storm, it looks like a tornado is about to hit.

How do they do this I wonder? I know they know my zip code, but do they program in weather for every zip code?

And so, naturally, I asked the Google, but all I found was people complaining that their Tree theme showed the wrong weather.

Dear Bing: Gmail’s Tree theme shows the weather. Can you tell me how they do this?”

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4 Responses to It’s raining on my Gmail!

  1. HI!

    I am a new fan of your blog (and I am not a blog-person at all.) It is the only blog I keep up with actually. Anyway! I have thought to myself about the points you raise in so many of your entries, and there they are written out in your blog. As for today, did you know Bing means “Because It’s Not Google?” Matt told me that just the other day and I was shocked and here is your entry about it – amazing. Hope things are well…hey, next time you visit NYC we should get coffee or something 🙂

    • celebratingtime says:

      Such a nice comment from my sweet niece! It comes at a good time, because I’ve been struggling with what to do next year, whether to keep it going, etc. Writing about all these Catholic saints is getting to be a bit tedious, but it’s the only thing I’ve found, other than the French Revolutionary calendar, that designates something for each day (I really like the discipline of writing something each day). So if you have any ideas, in your similar-thinking mind, let me know!

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