The Advent Calendar

It appeared on a special table in the living room just after Thanksgiving. The first thing we did was find the biggest window, the magical Christmas window. Then it sat there until today, the First Day of the Waiting until Christmas Time.

My brother and I had to take turns, alternating days, which wasn’t really fair because whoever started also got the Christmas window. By the time Christmas finally came, though, the Christmas window was a letdown anyway, with all the presents waiting.

The little pictures inside were also a letdown. The best part was in the opening (true of presents as well): twisting the whole contraption, because the windows stuck; glitter clinging to our fingers, falling in small sparkles on the special table.

They have Advent calendars made of wooden boxes now, I see, with little drawers – and the drawers are empty, so you can put little tiny presents inside. Oh, I want one. But it’s already too late, and Chip and I would have to take turns, and it wouldn’t be fair. . .

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One Response to The Advent Calendar

  1. Don says:

    I always liked the windows that lined up with actual windows and doors in the main picture rather than arbitrarily being cut out
    anywhere. Some years we had to recycle old calendars and the windows wouldn’t stay closed. And, yes, it wasn’t fair…

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