Sorry, have to go, iPhone calling

Please excuse me for the next two weeks if you never see me; if I don’t answer your emails or text messages or phone calls; if I don’t read the books or see the movies or TV shows we’ve talked about; and if do I happen to visit you to take your picture, forgive me if I leave rather suddenly, because I’ll be working on linking it to your name. Don’t worry, though, I can find my way home with my compass, figuring out on the way how to get the little weather icon to stop telling me the temperature in Cupertino, which is 73 and sunny in case you were wondering. Or maybe it’s just a permanent icon, in which case it’s pretty depressing when it’s 45 here.

So do forgive me. I’m now one of those people who seem to find their laps so fascinating, who are recognizable only if you’re quite familiar with the top of their heads.

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