Black Friday: Yes, I’m writing about shopping

I hate shopping. I hate stores and shopping carts and coupons. I hate Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving (and after Thanksgiving) and canned Christmas music and fake Santa Clauses. I hate talking about shopping and bargains and what other people bought.

So I’ve been putting off doing something about my three-year-old cell phone with a battery life of just one, very short, conversation, because I was dreading going to the AT&T store. (Yes, I’ve made the big jump 1) to a smart phone; and 2) away from Verizon, because my very hip son tells me I’m an iPhone person not a Blackberry person, and since I’m so proud of this I now have to prove him right.)

But I learned yesterday (from this same hip son) that you don’t have to go to the AT&T store. I buy books and curtains and frying pans and even shoes online, but somehow it didn’t occur to me that you can not only buy an iPhone, but keep your number and get the Apple store to break the news to Verizon that you’re breaking up with them, all while happily sitting here.

I’m now on the cutting edge of communicative technology (albeit about two years too late), and you can expect all kinds of texts and tweets to follow. Maybe there’s even an app that will do all my Christmas shopping.

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