The God in the Box

If you believe every word in the Bible is true, then you have to believe either that God wrote it, or he inspired all those other guys to write it in such a way that it contained no errors.

But I’m not sure I get why this is so important. Granted, if you believe this you get to call yourself a Fundamentalist and join the ranks of smart people like Antonin Scalia. But what if you just believe the Bible is like some giant game of telephone, where Adam told his son who told his son who told Moses and all those other guys whose names are just capital letters; and then some pretty amazing prophets like Jesus and Mohammed came along and various other guys passed along their impressions – in other words, isn’t it more powerful to believe that something transcendent happened that humans can’t really understand, that they can only write imperfectly about, because God is ultimately unknowable?

And then there’s the ultimate illogic of creationism: everything is so beautiful and complicated that it couldn’t possibly have evolved. God had to create every single thing, sui generis, from scratch each time.

So I was quite pleased to hear, on Kurt Anderson’s radio program this morning, a guy who believes God is actually capable of creating evolution. Imagine! A god that powerful!

This guy collects fossils, and displays them in what he calls “The Museum of God” (I think it’s illegal to collect fossils, but maybe in this case God will forgive him).

My true-atheist friend heard the same program this morning, and has been inspired to create her own museum. But she won’t be needing any illegal fossils – just some empty boxes.

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