Obsessed with Sarah

I was out of the country when everyone was obsessing about Sarah Palin the last time. I caught some snippets of her convention speech (Chip said she reminded him of some comedian, but he couldn’t think who at the time), where her charisma was obvious and her lack of knowledge was not.

This time, the bloom is a bit off the rose, but I, maybe because I missed my chance the last time, am now obsessed. I made a word cloud from her interview with Rush Limbaugh, hoping it would be as interesting as the word cloud I did from one of Rush’s own rants, where the word “WHITE” was huge. (I know it seems like I have a lot of time on my hands, but word clouds, thanks to Wordle.com, are fast.)

Anyway, Sarah’s word cloud was pretty ordinary. The word “THINK” was quite prominent, which is impressive unless she was saying “I think” a lot.

What’s really interesting, though, is the brouhaha about whether Trig is her baby or not. When Andrew Sullivan wrote 247 posts about it, I thought he was way beyond the pale, like the Obama “birthers” or the people who thought Bush and Cheney arranged for 9/11 (though I must admit I did entertain that thought for a while).

There’s a site devoted to all this, which can really suck you in if you’re not careful. And now Nate Silver, who’s usually quite reliable (even though he thought Hoffman would win NY 23), gives us ten reasons why Palin could be the Republican nominee in 2010.

We can only hope. And maybe then we can find out who Trig’s mother really is.

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