What makes a good writer?

“What makes a good writer?” the headline says, and I just wasted about ten minutes filling out the survey, which was quite interesting except that I wasn’t posting anything here, and the day is getting away from me at an alarming rate. You had to say how many words you tend to write in a week (mine was a paltry 1,000 or so, since these posts tend to be so short), and whether you have a blog, and how often you’ve been published, which was fun to answer thanks to my kindly local-paper-editor-friend (who also, by the way, very kindly also reads this blog regularly and corrects my spelling, which I’ve decided has auditory processing problems (to be explained more fully later, perhaps)). (She also tells me that you can’t have a paren inside a paren, that you have to use brackets, but I hate brackets unless they’re an editor’s note, so I continually disobey her (with apologies)).

Anyway, it was fun, and now a blog entry magically appears.

Now all I have to do is try to remember to go back there next week to find out the results.

Stay tuned…if I remember.

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