George W. Bush and me

After much soul searching, I’ve come to a quite painful conclusion: I am much more like George W. Bush than Barack Obama.

I like to go to bed at nine, and read until ten. Until Karl Rove told us about that reading contest, I would have bet that Bush just cuddled up to his trusty pillow and closed his eyes, but now I figure maybe he got some reading in then. If you trust Karl Rove, that is.

And speaking of reading, and again if you can trust Karl Rove, you know that in 2006 Bush read 96 books. I read a lot of books. More than most people I know. Not 96, but a lot.

I also like to exercise every day. Weights, and yoga, and a new thing called Body Pump – not real macho, like panting for two hours on a mountain bike. But then again I don’t run into people.

And you know what? I’m fine with this – with sleep and reading and exercise dominating my day. Because I don’t have a country to run.

I guess that’s why the country wasn’t really run – or, more accurately, was nearly run into the ground

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