Only Maine was a jolt

So the meme of the day is that the New Jersey and Virginia governors’ races were, to quote the New York Times, “jolts for Obama.”

Of course I’m biased. And of course if it were Bush, I’m sure I’d be agreeing. But really, if you were a Democrat in New Jersey, would you vote for the guy who sped down the turnpike at 90 mph, nearly killing himself, or stay home? Or a Democrat in Virginia: would you vote for the guy who said he’d opt the state out of the public option if he became governor, or stay home?

And a majority of those who did vote said their vote had nothing to do with Obama. So how, exactly, is this a jolt?

Much more alarming, to me, is what happened in Maine. People loudly cheering when what they’re allowed to do, because of an accident of genetics, is denied to other people who love each other just as much.

Marriage is not for men and women. It’s for bigots.

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