The 23rd District of NY

Interesting how important one Congressional district in the Adirondacks has become. Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, me – all of a sudden we’re all focused on what will happen today, what it will mean for Republicans, Democrats, conservatives…

I keep reading that around 20% of people call themselves Republicans, but 40% (of total people) say they’re conservative. This means, since a recent CBS poll put Democrats at 33%, that almost all the independents are conservative. Very scary.

I also keep reading that Democrats should hope Doug Hoffman, the conservative guy who drove the moderate Republican with the unfortunate name of Scozzafava out of the race (apparently you can’t be a Republican anymore if you support abortion and gay marriage), wins, because that will mean the wingnuts have taken over the party and they’ll all lose in 2012.

I don’t agree. To me, this would mean that all the independents have been watching too much Fox “News,” and that the people who know better are doomed.

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