Finding Scorpio

map_scorpius_smUnlike all the other signs of the zodiac, Scorpio really looks like a creepy little scorpion. He’s even got a red heart at the center, the bright star Antares. I wish I could pick him out, but whenever I look up all I usually find are the big dipper and my favorite, Orion.

Scorpio is opposite Orion in the sky because of that heel-biting incident (some even say he killed Orion) – so he has to forever chase the great hunter. Scorpio had another problem with the Caesars: when a comet appeared between his claws after Julius Caesar got assassinated, Augustus Caesar cut them off to make Libra.

Some clear night this winter, when Orion comes back to us in the northern hemisphere, I’ll look up, look across, and try to find Antares. A supergiant star has to be good for something.

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