The Saturday Night Massacre

Remember all those White House emails that mysteriously went missing between 2003 and 2005? Five million of them? Twelve days completely missing from the president’s office; 16 from Darth Vader’s; not to mention all of Karl Rove’s illegal “separate account” emails – all of them, conveniently, from right around the time all those U.S. attorneys were being fired and Valerie Plame was being outed?

Those emails are kind of like the White House Watergate tapes. When Nixon’s ploy to let a deaf senator summarize them for the special prosecutor didn’t work, he ordered his attorney general to fire Archibald Cox. Elliot Richardson refused, and so did William Ruckelshaus (who has recently given a riveting speech about it) , so they got fired too.

Fast forward three decades, and we have Alberto Gonzales, and then Michael Mukasy, and now Eric Holder. They’ve all learned their lessons well from Nixon. Executive privilege is alive and well.

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