Facebook therapy

I love the way WordPress tells you what seach engine terms people used to find your blog. The day before yesterday, for example, there were: tres riches heures de duc de berry limbo [limbo? The thing with the stick? Or the place for little unbaptized babies? The duc is in quite strange company here]; games on personal mastery; celebrating catholic feast days; german holidays and what they are; and sam parnia [nearly every day, by the way, someone arrives via Sam Parnia. Since he’s a friend of my daughter’s, someday I’ll have to tell him that].

But yesterday, someone got to me via Facebook marketing strategies. Now this is weird, because I’ve never written about Facebook. In fact, I have a very troubled relationship with Facebook. I joined so I could view a friend’s pictures, but that’s all I did. So I’m represented by one of those half-dead-looking avatars, and Facebook keeps asking me if they should refer to me as “he” or “she.” I keep getting messages from people “friending” me, but I don’t respond, which is more curmudgeonly than I usually am, since I really like these people.

I like the idea of keeping in touch with people, but the whole writing on people’s walls idea is a bit too cute for me, not to mention status updates. What am I doing right now? I’m writing on Facebook, duh. Any other questions?

Maybe I need to get myself a Facebook therapist to help me figure out what my problem is (though they’re probably all tied up dealing with the Facebook addicts). But meanwhile, whoever you are who found me that way, welcome!

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