No financial meltdown, just a crop circle

So they’ve figured out that Google’s showing us crop circles today, only the “L” is missing and for some reason a spaceship (I thought it was a farmer’s hat!) is hovering overhead. And what’s that weird green thing above the missing “L”?

Google twittered some coordinates that take you to the place the War of the Worlds UFO landed, and so the word is that all this (meaning this, and the strange spaceship a few weeks ago*) is leading up to Wells’ birthday on September 21.

My conclusion about all this? The person I wish I could be, the one who comes up with the ideas for Google Doodles, is also a marketing genius. Who cares about Bing’s pretty pictures anymore, when we have these mysteries?

Plus, it’s a terrific distraction from what was happening on this day just one year ago, that still doesn’t seem quite fixed.


*before I figured out how to screen-capture!

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