Google, please help: Is this what “recursive” means?

They’re called Google Doodles, I learned today, and I wish I could be twenty again, good at graphic design, and working at Google.

I love them all, the way they integrate design with what happened on that day. Bing’s photographs are prettier, and the little link-boxes are cool, but they’re random. Like today, for example, they invite us to learn about karst topography, if we really care.

Today, though, Google is inspired. There’s a UFO beaming down, and when you click on it you get lists of unexplained phenomena, as well as news articles wondering why Google has this link today, many of them not responding because the servers are too busy. No surprise: “unexplained phenomena” is the top search so far today.

And so far Google’s not explaining its own unexplained phenomenon.

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